Announcing ProgenNET Touch

Progenesis Holdings Pty Ltd has released a new mobile-focused web application that is now available Australia-wide. ProgenNET Touch is a touch-friendly companion application for customers of the flagship ProgenNET desktop product. Now commercial owners, government, corporations, utilities and lessees can securely manage their property portfolio ‘on the go’. ProgenNET Touch is now available for all modern web browsers, including those on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

“Opening up mobile access to ProgenNET is a great way to help property managers get up-to-date information anywhere, anytime,” says Progenesis National Manager Jim Ensor.

Customer benefits

For the Property Manager one of the advantages of using ProgenNET Touch is that they are no longer tied to their office desk when they need up-to-date information about their properties and leases.
All the vital details of your properties are now at your fingertips. Quickly find addresses, leasable areas, active leases, valuations and outgoings. View any attached documents including photographs, plans and maps right in your browser.
Leases are at the heart of the property management life cycle. With ProgenNET Touch you will always be able to consult the specific details of the leases you manage, including key dates, charges, terms, options, occupancy, and more.
Imagine being able to call, email or SMS your landlords, tenants or contractors with just one touch. Now you have instant access to all the contacts for your properties and leases even when you are out of the office.
On the way to a meeting, ProgenNET Touch can be used to view client details before checking the exact location or finding directions with inbuilt Google Maps integration.
Never miss an important diary date again. ProgenNET Touch gives you easy access to all the key dates from your ProgenNET To-Do List, including lease commencement and expiry, rent review and inspection dates. You can even export events to the calendar application on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Mobile is core to Progenesis development

Designed exclusively by the Progenesis development team, the ProgenNET Touch experience is simple, with minimal effort needed to get data from ProgenNET while on the move. It is compatible with all modern web browsers including those on iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone devices.

Extending mobile access has now become a core part of our development strategy.

As property managers look to become more productive, they will increasingly rely on mobile access to data – whether on their phone, tablet or laptop. That’s where ProgenNET Touch will excel.

More information

For further information and to arrange a personal demonstration of the new app, please contact your Account Representative or email

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