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Tackle your IFRS 16 Compliance with confidence

Get compliant with IFRS 16 and AASB 16 using Progenesis Progen lease accounting software. Developed together with users, experienced auditors and IFRS experts to meet the lease accounting standard needs of any organisation.

The solution includes comprehensive and flexible property administration functionality that integrates with other software, including all major corporate accounting suites.

Transition requirement guide

Transparency of individual lease treatments

Scenario impact and budget capability

Reporting and journal output

Take control over your lease and property process

Defined processes, workflows and automation are all three factors that contribute to a significant increase in productivity within any organisation. Progen is a process-centric software that supports best practice workflows and focuses on highly accurate data. The software’s key functions and automated lease calculations can help your business reach set financial goals.

Base your important business decisions on accurate data

Progen is a flexible all-in-one lease management solution, developed to tackle organisations lease and property challenges. The software does not only help your company gain productivity, but also accuracy around any lease, property or asset financials.

Software to achieve efficiency in your business

Explore Progenesis comprehensive and flexible lease and property management solutions.

Lease Management Software

Progen is a commercial lease & property management solution developed to manage the most detailed lease administration. Configurable to suit any business or organisation and integrates with third-party software.

Analytics & Reporting

Progen offers a wide range of standard reports and includes award-winning, embedded analytics with self-service business intelligence.


Property Management Software

With a multi-level property hierocracy (including land), Progen manages all types of detailed property calculations and specifics – all that can be tied to a lease.

Workflow Management

Streamline your lease and property process and reduce  manual procedures by digitalising your work method with the workflow tool Petra.

Lease Accounting & IFRS 16 / AASB 16 Software

Progen is a complete accounting solution with an integrated IFRS16 compliance module. Leveraging on the systems core data.

Space Management

Our space management solution Accordant gives you the tools you need to manage a COVID safe workspace environment and to plan your space and office occupancy effectively.

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