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Whether your organisations lease portfolio includes property or non-property leases such as equipment, fleets or telecom towers – Progen handles these with ease. Progen’s Property and Lease Management software is configurable to suit any business or industry looking for a lease financial management software or a comprehensive asset database. It caters for both Landlords and Tenants, including the capability of handling complicated sub-leasing situations. Our software manages both the physical, with its property management software capability, and also the related leases with its advanced lease management software functionality. Besides providing a platform for core lease and property management the Progen system also includes industry leading features for industries such as Retail, Ports, Airports, the Public sector and the wider corporate world.     

Lease Management Software

Store all your leases, properties and other assets, in Progen’s extensive property and lease management database. Use the powerful search and filter functions for easy look up. Unlimited user-definable fields to store data against any lease or asset. Detailed lease & property calculations and specifics. Multi-level property hierocracy including land.

IFRS 16/AASB 16 & Accounting Software

Full accounting suite including IFRS 16 (AASB 16) compliance software. Integrated accounts receivable, accounts payable and General Ledger. Property and retail-oriented set of financials, including utility billing.  Produces full journal outputs to be transferred to any integrated financial system and can export all calculated data into Excel.

Reporting & Analytics

A key feature of any Lease Management Software system is Business Analytics. Progen provides the ability to report on any data stored in the system on a portfolio or individual level. Gain business insights and automate scheduled reports for increased productivity. Progen also features leading business analytics and all findings can be shared or downloaded to spreadsheets.


Achieve Efficiency

Gain efficiency with highly accurate figures, automated charges and payments.

Gain Business insights

Extensive reporting and leading business analytics

Minimize Risks

Minimize the risks with user permits, audit trails, event notifications and escalations.

Maximize Productivity

Save time with automated calculations, workflows and scheduled reports.

Get to know Progen’s Lease Management Software

Progen features a wide range of functionality to cater for all your lease and property needs. The software is developed to tackle complicated lease financials and automate the process.

Get compliant with Progen

If you are looking for a lease accounting software that will get you compliant with IFRS 16 (AASB 16) and at the same time give you the visibility you need to make informed business decisions – Progen is for you.
A man and two ladies in an office looking for a lease management software that will help them get compliant with IFRS 16

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