Workspace Management on the Move

Accordant is a web-delivered workspace management system with all the tools you need to analyse and optimise your office space.

Manage your workspace smarter and easier with Accordant

Progenesis provides a complete solution to manage your entire workspace portfolio with our new software offering Accordant. The solution gives you the tools you need to manage a COVID safe workspace environment and to plan your space and office occupancy effectively.


Accurate real-time department and vacancy information is available for everyone. Quickly move individuals who are found to be in the wrong location with one simple click.


Simply plan visual, error-free people and equipment relocation and churn moves. Full project flow with automated documentation to send to everyone involved.


Find out exactly how much space you have and how it is being used. Calculate departmental costs and manage agile work areas. Identify errors with your space and quickly update the data.


Plan for future growth or reduction and identify when key crisis points might occur. Use the visual stacker tool to reconfigure your space efficiently and with ease.


Quickly collect data on your space to find out what’s really going on. Accordant’s unique visual utilisation heat maps and activity bubble maps are included as standard.


30% efficiency increase

Integrates with HR & sensor providers

Fully web based

Easy drag & drop functionality

Accordant is quick and simple to set up and priced to be the most affordable workspace management system on the market.

People and Asset Tracking

  • Simple online tools to locate and view people and assets in a web browser*.
  • Smartphone/tablet applications to view and analyse data on the move.
  • Quickly find and report on data mis-matches making up-to-date head counts and occupancy figures simple to produce.
  • Easily export real time information relating to floor layouts, space usage, individual desks, vacancies, IT asset locations and moves/changes.

Moves and Change Management

  • Unrivalled move management capability that controls and simplifies staff and asset moves.
  • Moves/changes are simple to plan and report with low maintenance CAD renderings and a comprehensive drag-and-drop interface.
  • Automated documentation makes the process simple and controllable, avoiding unnecessary “surprises”.
  • Moves can be surveyed using smartphones/tablets and (if available) bar codes to determine items that are moved/missing/new etc.

Scenario Planning

  • Fully managed drawing environment linked to AutoCAD and other CAD applications.
  • Version control with cloud-based drawing storage including roll-backs.
  • Comprehensive space-splitter tools to make polylining easy and compatible with major space standards.
  • Multiple offline scenario drawings to test possible reconfiguration schemes.

Allocations and Re-charge

  • Significant time savings to clients with large amounts of space as well as making the process simple and affordable for smaller users.
  • Reduce polylining and CAD time by up to 80%.
  • Balance sheet tests ensure compliance with major standards.
  • Customised reports exported directly from the web to PDF and Excel formats.

Utilisation and Activity Analysis

  • Comprehensive survey package for easily testing utilisation, equipment status, etc.
  • Complete activity analysis surveys to understand what people are doing when they are not at their workstations.
  • Wide variety of reports including heat maps of your utilisation results and bubble maps for activity analysis.

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